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Personal Products and Services

Your membership in a Credit Union is based on a primary share account or savings. Twenty five dollars is deposited and held at all times until your account is closed. This is your share of the credit union. Credit Unions are not for profit and owned by the membership. The $25 acts as your membership basis. All other services in the credit union are done under this primary account number Grantsville Federal Credit Union pays dividends on $50.00 and more. Please refer to your rate and fee schedule for more information. We currently do not offer ATM cards for savings accounts.

Secondary Savings is a savings account that you can label anything your want to save for those special occasions.

CD’s or certificates of Deposit are a great way to earn higher rates of interest or money that you don’t need right away. We currently offer a 6 month, 12 month and 18 month CD. Occasionally there are special certificates with higher yields for longer terms. See a credit union representative for details.

Grantsville Federal Credit Union offers free checking. There is no minimum balance need to hold the account open and the only fee’s associated with your checking is if there are not sufficient funds to clear checks or debits (see your rate and fee schedule). You do need to purchase your own checks and we offer a wide variety through Clarke American. Grantsville Federal Credit Union does not offer counter checks.

ATM/Debt Card
Grantsville Federal Credit Union does offer ATM/DEBIT cards with checking accounts only. ATM/DEBIT cards are granted on credit approval only. Grantsville Federal Credit Union does pull credit for all checking account requests. This is to try and ensure the safety of all credit union members and their deposits. We do not own ATM’s but most credit unions are part of a CO-OP and you can use most credit union ATM’s free of charge.

Grantsville Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of loans to suit your needs. We offer loans on new and used vehicles at competitive rates. You can also get a loan for that ATV, boat, trailer, motor home, snow mobile that you have been dreaming of.

We also offer competitive rates of share secured and unsecured/signature loans.

Terms and rates are subject to change without notice according to Board review. Applications can be picked up at our branch location or faxed to you. All applications need to be complete for the loan process to begin. Come in to apply for your loan. Approval on most loans in about 24 hours.